General Rules

1 - Rules in conjunction

1.1 - All rules stated within #server-rules apply at all times.

2 - Respect within the community

Respect your colleagues here. Treat them the way you would expect to be treated, especially if your new to the company.

3 - Hacking or promoting hacking within the community

Content in the text/voice channels which may promote or demonstrate the use of cracking, hacking, altering, modding or pirating is strictly forbidden with the exception of Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator mods which are allowed.

4 - Media

Media content such as images, videos, streams and links should be posted in the relevant channels, #media or #ets-media.

5 - Personal Information

Never post personal information on chat or in a PM.

The sharing of Information gotten by hacking or Doxing will be a instant removal from community.

6 - Right to opinions

Be mindful of everyone's opinion, we are all entitled to one.

Driving For Us

1 - TruckersMP Rules

When using TruckersMP, you must respect their rules above our own.

2 - Company Paint Job

The company paint job must be visible at all times when playing on multiplayer.

3 - Speeding

Speeding excessively is strictly prohibited, and if caught, will result in your one, and only, warning, which will put you at risk of losing access to VTC Services. This includes speeding on single player jobs, multiplayer jobs, or solo driving.

4 - Reckless Driving

Reckless/dangerous driving, speeding, and ramming on multiplayer when using our livery, name, tag, or any other form of branding is a serious offence. You will be given your one, and only, warning if caught. However, should we be presented with evidence from any other source except our own, such as another VTC or non-ST driver, you will be banned instantly.

5 - Minimum Requirement

You must submit a minimum of 5,000 miles / 8,000 km each month to maintain your position within the company. Smaller amounts can be negotiated. If you cannot reach this target, please message a VTC Staff member.

6 - Race Miles

You can only submit either 5 jobs OR 5,000 miles / 8,000 km as "race jobs" each month, whatever one comes first. To avoid this, please keep your speed limiter turned on. Exceeding 62MPH or 100KPH will change your job to a race job, even if you go over the speed limit for a second. Having too many "race jobs" will increase the risk of you being kicked from the company.

7 - Cargo - Speed Warning

If you select a job and need to travel to pick up the trailer, you must remain under 62mph / 100kph. This is a new feature which got added into the Trucksbook Client and may catch many people out because this will log the job as "race" before you even collect the trailer.

8 - American Trucking Simulator

American Truck Simulator: We do not count ATS Miles towards your targets as this company focuses mainly on Euro Truck Simulator 2. You are still able to play ATS and log miles using TrucksBook, however, these will never be counted towards your monthly targets. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Base Requirements

► Aged 15+ ► Speak/Understand English ► Have a working microphone ► Genuine interest to join ► Respect the rules of TruckersMP ► Have a Discord account

What is expected of you

- You are active on the Discord when you can be. We understand that real life comes first however please don't come here to be a stranger, get involved! - Log the amount of miles we ask for. By default all drivers must log a minimum amount of 5000 miles / 8000 km every month. Remember that you can request for this to be lowered by contacting a VTC Staff member. - Represent the company professionally, especially on multiplayer. When you are driving with our colours on the roads you must demonstrate safe and professional driving at all times. While our VTC is fairly laidback compared to others we do have a high standard to maintain, you can help us by being responsible on the roads. - Above all, enjoy the experience. Strathclyde Transport VTC are extremely lucky and grateful to be in the position we are in today. From investment and generous donations by our drivers we are able to offer an exceptional VTC experience, one that to this day many other companies cannot come close to. You are a very valuable member to us regardless of your position and the one thing we want to see as much as possible is that you are enjoying yourself here. Get involved, join events and don't sit on the side lines! We are giving you lots of things from our services such as the Rewards Club or Giveaways all the way to custom content that you can use on single player. Take it all and have fun!

Ethics Policy

Ethics Overview

Here at Strathclyde Transport, we pride ourselves on being one of the world's most diverse VTC's. With drivers from all around the globe, of varying races and religions, we believe that we provide a safe, fun and welcoming community for everyone, regardless of their background. Although we are primarily a UK based vtc, we currently have drivers from far flung places such as America, Singapore, Australia and more!

Rules and Policies

EU Location: Glasgow, UK

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