Strathclyde Dispatch

The driver picks the destination, not the game. Arriving in 2019 is Strathclyde Dispatch, a new service which gives drivers the ability to create their own freight market jobs. You can choose any country, city, cargo and route length.

With the introduction of Trucksbook dispatch, this system only allowed company managers to create and dispatch jobs. Using our Bot (Clyde), drivers will be able to use the dispatch command in the server and set up their own jobs via DM. This information then gets sent onto our Dispatch Team who will have your job(s) ready within a couple of hours.

For a very long time, we've had to solely rely on the in-game markets and contracts for our jobs, however with Strathclyde Dispatch, this allows any driver regardless of their role the ability to create, accept and deliver their own jobs. Strathclyde Dispatch arrives early 2019.

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