October 2018 Update!

Greetings! After months of planning, designing and various meetings we are delighted to announce that our first ever Drivers Hub is now available to use! This new facility will enhance everyone's virtual trucking experience and also paves the way forward to a smarter and advanced VTC.

There are various other changes in our October update, these are all outlined in detail below. Each and everyone of our drivers have helped shape this new update and you all played a vital part on making it become a reality. We would like to thank everyone from Drivers to Staff for their continued support and patience during the last few months. It's been a long time coming but hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

Drivers Hub Alpha v1.1

To begin with, the Drivers Hub will be released as an Alpha build simply because this is a project which will continuously be in development.

Using the Drivers Hub you can check out company and personal statistics which we aim to update as much as possible, to begin with this will probably be once every 2 weeks. You can also edit your profile, download and upload your own content / gallery images and check out the News Centre.

Introducing: Milestones

So we have a loyalty program called the Rewards Club, where you earn RP for logging miles and then you can spend these at our Store... Now, we've took it one step further again. Milestones, simply put, is an achievement based system. It tracks all of your "normal" miles from the moment you joined the company until present day and based on how many miles you have logged, Milestones unlock.

There are 10 base Milestones in total and each one has a different mileage target to reach before it can be unlocked. We have also allowed the system to take on temporary Milestones for random challenges and events in the future, making the whole thing even more rewarding.

Once a Milestone is unlocked it will allow you to click into it and there, you will be presented with a variety of custom content, freebies and goodies. Each Milestones rewards vary. You are then able to download any content you desire and claim freebies / goodies once only.

You will always have access to the Milestones you unlock!

Milestones was an idea that came to life by viewing feedback from a lot of drivers where they were becoming irritated and angry at the fact people who didn't do their "fair share", missed mile targets and so on were getting all the benefits of the company for nothing... We have recognised this issue for a long time but we never had an idea of how to rectify it until now.

Using the Milestone system, it ensures that everything must be earned. If you want Custom Content, you need to unlock milestones. If you want to enter a giveaway, you need to unlock the milestone which has giveaway eligible as one of its rewards and so on...

While not all drivers will be satisfied with this idea, we need to think of the positives and the future of the VTC. Giving people that feeling of earning something will encourage activity and of course more miles on the clock... and when you unlock a Milestone, it will give the driver some sense of satisfaction that they have been rewarded.

Milestones will be available at launch day however it wont show any that you have unlocked for a few days as we need to count up your miles in the company manually.

Other Updates

While the Drivers Hub is the main new feature of this months update, we have also had various smaller changes and improvements to the company.

Strathclyde Convoy:

VTC Staff will be hosting one convoy per week where anyone can join, even those drivers who don't have the "convoy approved" role. These convoys will be hosted on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays depending on staff availability and will be held between 6-8PM UK time to accommodate the majority of our drivers. We encourage you all to join these, even if you can only join one or two per month.

Convoy Approved: You need to unlock the 1st Milestone to be eligible to sit a Convoy Approved test. This was requested by our Instructor team so that only those who are actually interested and prove they are serious about it by unlocking the Milestone get the chance to become Convoy Approved.

Events: Strathclyde will start hosting both public and VTC only events in the future. We're investing more time into our public events server to try and attract more of the wider community to use our VTC as a place where they can host and join events, knowing its being done to a professional standard. We will also be holding more events, challenges and activities in the VTC for our drivers too, more information on this will be posted in October.

Re-branding & Ad Presence: As you have probably noticed already, we have re branded the company with a set of new logos and website. This is part of a wider plan to have a more professional image within the community. We're also trying to increase our presence on adverts too on various community projects such as radio stations and websites. This is a long process however we believe that having the right advert strategy, through time, will help us attract serious, loyal and dedicated drivers.

All the other improvements and changes are minor and are not relevant for this post.

Once again we want to thank you for everyone's continued support. Without you we wouldn't have the VTC we have today. Stay tuned to the #announcement channel in the coming days for the official launch of the Drivers Hub along with any other updates. You can also check back this page regularly as it will have detailed statements about all our announcements within the company.

Happy trucking!

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