Hello, Clyde!

Strathclyde VTC now has its very own, custom created Discord bot! Clyde has been a long serving member of the family, formally run on the Dyno bot system. Now though, we've created our own.

The bot is hosted on a dedicated server and currently plays a major role within the Discord. We have integrated Clyde into the "Joining Process" for Newbies where potential drivers use the bot to gather information on how to join the company, doing away with the need of a VTC Staff member having to be present.

Clyde also has various moderation commands which are locked for those who are "Bot Moderators". We have also added a fully custom music system and some other fun commands that all drivers can use. As our company, drivers hub and the bot develop, the long term goal is to eventually integrate the bot into the core of Strathclyde, allowing it to function with our website and user accounts. This bot is made possible by work from some members and donation money by those who have been generous enough to donate to the company. Thanks!

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