Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

Strathclyde Transport are an ETS2 based Virtual Trucking Company (VTC).

Where are we all from?

Everywhere! Strathclyde is full of people from all over the world.

Is there a mileage requirement?

Yes. If you wish to join us or are already in the company, we require you to log 5,000 miles per month.

My website account is waiting on approval?

Yup, we know!

If you've created an account, you will have had an email from us explaining the next steps. Check your junk or spam folders!

If you're in our Discord server...

Go to #support and type !approve then follow the instructions sent to you.

What paint job do i use?

Check out the Paint Jobs page here or #paint-jobs on the Discord!

Livery: Duellist
Colours: Blue & White

Do you have custom skins?


However don't get too excited... We're not silly enough to give you skins on the first day only to have you leave once you've got them... #onlyinfortheskinsprotection.

If you want to use our custom skins, earn it! We have a Milestones Achievement System in place where you can unlock our skins. You can read more about that in the Drivers Hub category.

Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

Both! You can play on whatever platform you like, don't let us stop you!

I've joined the Discord but can't see anything...

Snooper protection activated!

The very best of Strathclyde, from our Discord server right up to our custom content is locked away, hidden out of sight until you're accepted. We've had too many "snoopers" from rival companies join us, see what we have then leave.

To prevent this, everything is locked until you obtain the "Driver" role, which would explain why you can't see anything if you're still a "Newbie".

Got Social Media?

Give us a like or follow or both if you're feeling good!

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What is Trucksbook?

It's a autologging software used by hundreds of VTCs around the world. It tracks all the miles you have driven, how much damage you've had, profits, fuel costs and much more.

Trucksbook isn't logging my miles...

There is usually a simple explantion to this.
Try these troubleshooting steps:

- Is the Trucksbook Client actually open?
- Launch ETS2 via the Client
- Are you using the most updated version?
- Does it support the current version of ETS2?
- Make sure you're connected to the internet
- Disable anti-virus or make an exception for Trucksbook Client

If none of the above solve the problem, please use the #support channel.

I can't reach my mile target this month, what do i do?

Don't panic! Just look for the Driver Manager on the Discord (Welshie) and Private Message him explaining why.

Don't expect a reply instantly, your patience is appreciated.
*Please do not contact any other Staff or Founders as requests will be ignored.

How many race miles are allowed?


We want you to stick to the speed limits, this is a professional company! However, we're human and realise that mistakes happen. We will allow you to have a maximum of 5,000 race miles per month, no more.

Please try and don't have any though!

Can i change my mileage target?

Sigh... yes, if you really need to though!

Just Private Message the Driver Manager (Welshie) and wait for a response.

Rewards Club

What is the Rewards Club?

The Rewards Club is the worlds first VTC loyalty program that pays out real money to our drivers for logging miles.

How does it work?

It's simple! All you do is opt-in to the Rewards Club service, enter a few details and thats you done. Once your details are saved on our system, you just hop into ETS2 whenever you like and log some miles.

Any miles you log are tracked and once you've logged enough, we deposit RP into your account. When you've done enough miles to earn lots of RP, you can then spend this at our Store in exchange for Steam Vouchers, PayPal Money and much more!

What is RP?

The easiest way to understand this is to think of RP as a virtual currency. It stands for Reward Points or RP for short.

RP is used to redeem (purchase) items from our Rewards Store. To make it simple, 1RP is equal to £0.50 in real money. The items on our Rewards Store are accuractely priced to reflect this value.

Example: A £4 Steam Voucher will cost you 8RP. (£0.50 x 8 = £4 or 8RP)

I've logged miles and i haven't got any RP?

You have... just not yet!

As there is real money involved, the Rewards Club is manually managed by humans, not robots. The system behind it is very complex, so to save a lot of hassle we update everyone's accounts on a monthly basis, anytime between the 1st - 5th of the month.
When we update your accounts, any RP you've earned is deposited and the amount of miles you have logged gets displayed on the leaderboards.

Does my RP get reset each month?


Once you earn RP it will stay in your account until you either spend it or it gets removed due to a terms violation.

We will never reset your RP.

How many miles do i need to log to earn RP?

Quite a lot...

The Rewards Club is designed for the drivers who really give it their all, where logging thousands of miles each month is a piece of cake to them. Also, because the service pays out real money we need to set the bar high otherwise we'd go bankrupt very quickly!

Calculation: 10,000 Miles / 16,000KM = 1RP

Can i only earn RP by driving?


RP can be earned in various ways! Driving is the most common one however there are other solutions to get your hands on some RP.
Different ways to earn RP:

- Driving
- Points Drop (RP Giveaway)
- Attending Convoys*

In the future we're adding more ways to earn RP as we improve the service.

*Convoy Hosts (Staff) have the ability to reward RP to drivers who attend, log a good amount of miles and are well behaved. RP is not given just for attending.

Donating RP...

If you're feeling rather generous, you can donate your RP to another driver. This can be done by using the RP Donate command on our Discord Server (!rpdonate).
We recommend that you only donate RP to close friends and never do it on false promises. Although our Staff have the final decision on whether you can donate RP or not, once it's done it cannot be refunded. Be careful when using this command!

What is the channel #rc-points-drop?

In this channel, our bot hosts a weekly "Points Drop" event for all Rewards Club members. All you do is react to the message posted and when the timer ends, someone will win RP!

The amount of RP and winners changes every week.

Is it really "real money" ?


If you redeem a Steam Voucher, PayPal or other on our Rewards Store, you actually receive it! This is not fake as many rivals claim it to be.

The Rewards Club is funded generously by our donators. It's the most expensive service any VTC can imagine to operate costing us over £100 every month!

Drivers Hub

What is the Drivers Hub?

The Drivers Hub is where we bring all the best services and benefits of our company into the one place. As a Driver, you can create and edit your profile, download custom content, upload content and images to the Gallery, view and download Milestones and much more!

I can't access the Drivers Hub...

Make sure you've got an approved website account first. You can do this by viewing the pinned message in the #support channel.

If you have an approved account and can't get into the Drivers Hub, please try this troubleshooting step:

1) Log out of your account and close any tabs.
2) Open a new tab, go to our website and log in again.
3) Navigate to "Drivers Hub"
4) Click "Enter".

This usually does the trick, however, if you still can't get in, clear your browser cache and repeat the above steps. If that doesn't help, you will need further assistance. Use our #support channel.

I've logged lots of miles but they aren't showing on my Dashboard?

We know!

The Drivers Hub is manually updated by humans, it's not automated. As we use a third party logger (Trucksbook) which isn't directly linked to our Hub, we need to manually update every drivers miles and stuff. This is very time consuming.

We aim to update the Drivers Hub once a week, usually on Monday's however this is not always the case. Sometimes it might be delayed by a few days or weeks... You just need to be patient with us!

Your miles will show eventually.

What are Milestones?

Milestones are our very own achievement system. It works the same way achievements do on Xbox, Playstation and Steam where you would do something in game and unlock an achievement.

This is similar. Once you've logged enough miles, a Milestone will unlock. When its unlocked, you can access it where you will then have various gifts and other items as a reward that you can redeem or download.

Inside most Milestones are custom content, however as we improve the service, more and more items will be added.

I can't access my Milestones!

Don't worry!

Just like the miles on your Dashboard for example, Milestones are also updated manually meaning they wont unlock the very second you reach whatever mileage target is required for that particular Milestone.

Once our Web Team have verified it, they will unlock it for you. Like everything else in the Drivers Hub, it takes a little time... Be patient!


What is Dispatch?

Dispatch is a brand new feature from Trucksbook that puts you in charge of the loads you deliver. No longer limited to the in game job markets, you can now choose your own cargo, starting city and where you want to deliver to putting you in control.

How does Dispatch work?

Using Dispatch could not be easier. You decide where you want to pick up, deliver to and what you want to haul and send your request through to us. Our dedicated Dispatch team will then process it and the job will appear on your Trucksbook Client under the Dispatch tab. Simply hit accept and choose the profile you wish to add the delivery to. Once in game your chosen job will appear in the Freight Market list.

My Job is not showing ingame...Help?!

Gotta love those Trucksbook gremlins! Don’t panic, if your job doesn’t show up in game, simply close the game and hit reaccept! Once you’ve done this it will show up.


EU Location: Glasgow, UK

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